by LVM on September 1st, 2009

Colvm recently completed a new place for restaurateurs Dylan Dodd and Danny Minch. Frank Bruni of the New York Times says “My companions and I spent more than two and a half hours in one of its handsome booths, roaming wide and far across its menu … we started out the evening in high spirits, thanks to two attributes of Walter Foods that are emerging as absolute requisites in the Williamsburg finer-dining scene: a great-looking bar and cocktails made with thought and care. All in all Walter Foods has a buoyant feel—it’s like an Old World chophouse with a youthful swagger.”


“The dining-room ambience is pure New England, with its dark wood-beamed ceiling, antiquey prints of fishermen, and leather-cushioned booths” (Shauna Lyon, The New Yorker)


“a warm American bistro populated with a young and carefree crowd that came out to eat and drink, recession be damned. The space immediately announces itself as one you’d like to settle into: A dark wooden bar, with stools to match, is a prominent fixture, as are floor-to-ceiling windows and antique-style lighting that lend a warm glow and understated old-timey vibe. That aesthetic carries over to the food and drink, which, like the space, seems to give you exactly what you are in the mood for: Well-mixed cocktails, executed with seriousness by bow-tie–clad barkeeps.” (Gabriella Gershenson, Time Out New York)

Photo Credit: Melissa Hom



Walter Foods

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